Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The Stocks and Casualty

GF1, f2.8, 1/250, ISO 640, JPG b&w, 100mm

Yesterday, I received my Canon FD adapter and could now use the Canon f1.8 50mm lens I bought for 5 pounds on ebay last week.
The lens is in very good condition and great fun to use although I do struggle with the 100mm focal length after the crop. This is however the fun part and reason why I bought the GF1 and what makes the m4/3 format so great, the ability to use all kinds of lenses on the camera and look for good bargains.

So despite the battery annoyance, the GF1 is right now the best camera around if you ask me and I hugely enjoy it. I just wish Panasonic would finally get a decent camera design done and improve on their interface a bit.

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