Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Pimp my GF1

GXR, f9, 1/48, ISO 1600, RAW, 50mm

I only took two pictures today and did not really like either. So instead of posting another picture from my archive, I decided to post this picture of my GF1 with some slight modifications to show Panasonic how the GF1 should have looked like.

Th GF1 seriously needs a decent handgrip made out of rubber or leather (how come only Ricoh figured this one out?)and also the lenses (and this also goes for Ricoh) need distance markings for the manual focus on them and maybe even an aperture ring.

And Panasonic, please stop plastering the front of the cameras full of silly advertising stuff like Lumix, AVCHD Lite and so on. I don't wat to buy a camera that only comes with a 'Lite' version of anything and feel the need to advertise it to the world, a sticker would do just fine. Keep the GF1 and the classy 'L' logo or even better only the 'L' logo in the front. Also if it would be possible to put a bit less shiny chrome stuff on the camera is would be much appreciated.

Overall for the GF2, why don't you just look at your LC1 and L1 cameras and simply put a m4/3 sensor and mount in a GF1 sized version.

Now, the modification is simple but very efective, it not only covers the silly Lumix and AVCHD Lite text but it also provides a much better grip. So if you have a GF1 or think of getting one, you should consider this leatherette kit. This together with any legacy lens on the front shows how this camera and lenses for it should have been designed.


  1. Nikon don't put distance markings on their lenses. Guess they think everybody only uses auto focus.

  2. Looks real good PIMPED!!! :)

  3. You are of course right in all your points. Just goes to show you what the target market for the GF1 is. A pretty, shiny metal box, but one that is technically ahead of its peers.

  4. It is a shame that everybody started to use the crappy and prety much useless focus by wire system. Even with AF, there should either be a proper manual focus ring around the lens or simple leave MF out if you won't do it properly.

    Thanks James, it looks more like a proper camera now. Shame it does ot quite handle like a Ricoh or the LC1/L1. Maybe the GF2 will.

    Björn, technically the GF1 is in my opinion the best camera right now but when it comes to design and handling Panasonic still have a lot to learn. But if they keep copying stuff from Ricoh they will get there.

  5. I am embarrassed to admit that the only reason why I didn't buy GF1 is the lousy design. I think it has the best quality for the size, but still wasn't enough for me. Granted, better than the G1/GH1 but still ugly. The curved edges along the width are ugly, the shiny metal on the grip is bad as well...And all the advertisement text doesn't help, as you pointed out. There are no beautiful cameras made anymore except for Ricoh and Leica, the latter is more a fashion statement than a camera, and Ricoh seems to be confused with the GXR.

  6. I fully agree with you about Ricoh being the only manufacturer who knows how to design cameras.
    The GF1 is a bit ugly and this was why I waited so long till I bought one, I had hoped Panasonic would release a L2/LC2 camera, now that is a nice design.

  7. purely from product design point of view, i can also add canon g series to the list of nice looking cameras. And yes l-1 was handsome too. isn't that amazing, no one cares and demands better designed products in camera world. it doesn't necessarily need to be conservative like the above though...i think the sony mockup has some potential. the oly m43 mockup was quite good but they came up with the retro inspired pen instead. i sometimes think
    apple should build cameras too. almost all of the dslrs look like they have been in microwave or something.

  8. I fully agree with your comments, the Canon G series is nice but I am not sure of the Sony mockup and Apple has never really convinced me with their design.

    I just wish manufacturers would build cameras for actual use instead of them being fashion accessories with tiny bling buttons and 1001 scne modes where nobody knows what they do.

  9. The GF1 is just so ugly. Seriously, does panasonic even have designers? Then you have the Olympus ep1 which is the most beautiful new camera out there, but supposedly it's lacking in the technical area. What to do? What to buy?

  10. nice camera, so see my nice picture with my GF1 http://my-gf1.blogspot.com/