Saturday, 9 October 2010

1h with the CX4 in Cologne

I have not been very good with updating my blog recently, it's been a mixture of not being inspired and an bit lazy coupled with some realld dull, grey and rainy weather.

So when I went to Germany again for the weekend and had the chance to take a CX4 out for a spin on a bright and sunny day I could not resist. Sometimes what one needs is not fantastic image quality and plenty of manual control, sometimes it's all about having fun and some nice weather.

I decided to post a series of some of my favorite pictures taken with the different creative shooting modes found in the CX4 and hopefully some soon in the R10 GXR module. I had the most fun using the toy camera and the high contrast b&w modes.

Since I have not posted in a while it will be a longer series than usual to make up fo it.

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