Sunday, 10 October 2010


GRD III, f8.0, 1/1070, ISO 64, JPG high contrast b&w

On Friday, Ricoh has released another function enhancing firmware update for the GRD III (you can download it here). I only got around to install it today but went for a quick walk right after to try it out.

First thing, it is really cool that Ricoh has added the 'High Contrast B&W' and the 'Cross Process' modes to the GRD III (I hope we will soon see these in the GXR modules, too). The downside is that Ricoh has not added these under the image settings so they cna easily be used in any mode and also alongside shooting RAW but have instead opted to add these as scane modes. This is ok to have some fun but it limits the usability a lot since you can not only not shoot RAW alongside but you have to live with full Auto mode here.

So while I applaud Ricoh for adding these modes to the GRD III, I hope they can make these modes more usefull by moving them where they belong under the image settings. Still, how many manufacturers keep releasing function enhancing firmware updates for their cameras so what Ricoh is doing is excellent.


  1. I echo your sentiments, Cristi. These two features are fun to use but I too would much rather see them applicable when shooting RAW.

    Today was the first time I had ever used Scene Mode with the GRD III and I have had the camera four months now, shooting with it nearly every day.

    Perhaps the implementation of these features in a form that would suit us both will come about in another upgrade. We can but hope.

  2. Calvin, I will feed this back to Ricoh and hope they can change this in the next firmware update. Like you I never use the scene modes and only got in there to use the text mode but would also prefer to have this under the image settings.