Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Fallen Down

iPhone 4, f2.4, ISO 80, JPG

I found a really cool app called 'Pudding Camera' for the iPhone which allows to change films and use different 'cameras'. The app is in Korean but it's free and gives even more of a Lomo feel to the iPhone camera, you can choose a fish-eye camera, a camera taking 4 sequential pictures and combining them into one, a panoramic camera and other camera types while combining each with different films for the desired look. The only ownsides are that this program is only in Korean and that it can not save images larger than 1200 pixels.
I like what it can do and after playing with it I kind of hope a camera manufacturer will release a proper Lomo or Holga digital camera, something which just allows someone to have fun. It's too easy to get carried away with technicalities in digital photography and forget that photography is also about fun.

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