Friday, 22 October 2010

Starry Night

iPhone 4

This is a quick snapshot with my iPhone while waiting for the train, I have processed it a bit in Photoshop to remove the noise slightly. 

Although the picture is not all that great I had the title 'Starry Night' in mind so I thought to post the poem written by Tupac Shakur and dedicated to Vincent VanGogh:

'A creative heart, obsessed with satisfying
this dormant and uncaring society
you have given them the stars at night
and u have given them
Bountiful Bouquets of Sunflowers
but 4 u there is only contempt
and though u pour yourself into that fame
and present it so proudly this world
could not accept your masterpieces
from the heart
So on that starry night u gave 2 us
and u took away from us
the one thing we never acknowledged
your life.'

I really like this poem and Tupac has written a few other very good poems in the book 'Rose that grew from concrete'.

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