Monday, 11 October 2010

Laughing Behind Your Back

GRD III, f2.5, 1/217, ISO 64, JPG cross process

Yesterday, I used manily the high contrast b&w mode so this time I decided to use one of the pictures I took with the cross process mode. Some might find these scene modes pointless since you can do this with Photoshop anyway but for me they are fun and allow me to visualize the shot with these settings applied so my composition might change but what will surely change is my approach to taking pictures and this can't be emulated in Photoshop.


  1. Cristian love the new options in scene particularly the x processed shot some pics today the ricoh in that mode will post a shot shortly I absolutely love it, your recent posts have been illuminating.

  2. Thanks Martin, the new scene modes are great fun and I hope to also see the toy camera mode added but wish all these would be moved to the image settings to make them more usable than under scene modes.