Tuesday, 28 December 2010

The Tree

GXR A12, f4.5, 1/16, ISO 400, JPG sepia, 28mm

Took this while out for a walk through Greenwich Park today, the mist gave the scene a nice mysterious feel and I decided to use sepia with a very low contrast to capture this.
This was my first real outing with the new 28mm A12 module for the GXR and so far I am very impressed with it and would say it's the best module for the GXR so far.


  1. I am delighted with this module, is fantastic.

  2. I fully agree with you, it is fantastic and the best module for the GXR system so far.

  3. when you are on these lofty heights discussing the merits of the 50mm over the 28mm seems strange - they're both excellent lens modules. My favourite would be the 50mm simply because of the focal length. Hope we see a 35mm or 90mm APS-C in the not too distant future!!

  4. I fully agree that both A12 modules are exellent but to me the 28mm module just seems more refined and more specialized.