Monday, 13 December 2010

Walking Past

GXR A12, f5.6, 1/320, ISO 200, JPG, 50mm

The first thing I noticed was the wall texture with the way the light and shadow looked. Since 50mm is not wide enough to stand opposie and get a good picture I had to include the street and there the people which in this case worked very well.


  1. Cristian

    Great shot, I have not been to Marracesh since 1983, but this shot takes me back.

    You only seem to be using the GXR + 50mm, is that the only camera you took.

    I went to Austria this year and instead of a bag full of kit I took my E-P1 +17mm and enjoyed the photography even more than usual.


  2. I'm really enjoying your entries from Marrakesh, Cristian. As frustrating as these countries can be, they usually have rich photographic opportunities. Nice shot; I don't think it would have been this dynamic if you'd shot the wall straight on.

  3. Thanks for your comment Peter!
    I am glad this shot takes you back, this is very high praise and means it's more than just a snap of a guy walking.

    I did indeed only take the GXR with the 50mm A12 module to keep it simple althoigh it was planned I take the new 28mm A12 module along but it did arrive just after I left so I could not make use of it. I did enjoy having only one camera but felt a bit restricted by the 50mm module at times but this means I had to improvise and this is always a good thing.
    Sometimes less is more as thy say and here it was indeed the case and I plan to do this more often.

    Thanks for your comment Bjoern!
    These countries can be very frustrating at times and I got fed up with people a few times but the photographic opportunities are definitely there.
    And yes, I agree that this angle works very well and makes the shot more dynamic, sometimes having to work around limitations creates a much better picture.

    I could not post in the last days due to various reasons but these were mainly related to me travelling so there are more pictures coming up and I do like them quite a bit.