Thursday, 2 December 2010

North Pole

GRD III, f3.5, 1/97, ISO 64, RAW

With the recent weather in London you might be tempted to think you arrived at the Norh Pole, just the transport system at the North Pole is probably way better. On the other hand having to walk through the snow does have advantages especially if you see a phto opportunity like this.


  1. > it's my first visit here and it won't be the last :)
    I loved the picture of snow
    I heard the news about it where u r , but I follow it in ur blog
    but I couldn't find the followers !

  2. Cristian,

    I tend to visit you here first thing every morning, so I am pleased you have the new flat working and posting GRD pictures again. Up in NE England here I have not got the car out for the past week, but buses and walking OK for short range trips...


  3. :)

    Very funny - well captured.

  4. Thanks for your comment and welcome to my blog Ghala!
    Glad you like the pictures and hope you will enjoy the other posts.
    The snow has not been that bad but here in London it always gets blown out of proportion and people can't handle any change in weather.

    Thanks for your comment Peter, glad you keep following my blog even with my lack of regular postings recently.
    With that much snow taht you got up north it's probably best to leave the car at home and walking through snow can be quite nice.

    Thanks for your comment Yesbuts!
    It was indeed very funny to come across this cab parked in the snow so I could not resist to take a few pictures.