Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Casablanca or what's in a name?

After having wasted 3h on the tarmac at Casablanca airport only last week, I figured why not spend another 3h in the train to go to actually see Casablanca.
Most people know the movie Casablanca (if you don't, go and watch it!), so I wondered how the city is and if the city is anything more than the name for a movie?

Well, my answer came pretty quick once I arrived and saw hat it's pretty much all run down and the only thing worth seeing happens to be a ridiculously huge mosque that must have cost a fortune to build which would have been way beter spent on improving the city and it's infrastructure or trying to make sure people have water in thir homes instead of having to get it from outside. This just shows how stupid religions can be if they spend so much time, money and resources building a silly mosque when they can as well just pray everywhere else if they really have to instead of spending it for something that makes sense and really improves people's lives.
The only other attraction is Ricks bar, a quite pricey restaurant themed after the movie but without being quite as classy and set it a poor neighbourhood.

So if you ask me if you should go and see Casablanca all I can say is definitely but make sure it's the movie and not the actual city. Unless of course I missed all of the good parts of the town which is certainly possible in only a few hours I had there.

Here a small series of my impressions from Casablanca, more can be found in my Dropbox gallery here.

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