Sunday, 1 May 2011

People and the Ferry

I have not taken the Staten Island ferry since the first time I came to New York in 2004 so I thought to take it again today. This is a series of pictures taken around my ferry trip back and forth to Staten Island.
The pictures are taken with the Canon FD and the Nokton.


  1. Great set of street shots, Cristian. Especially the "Men's Room" photo.

  2. Thanks for your comment Björn!

    The 'Men's Room' picture is actually quite funny since I took it first from the other side where it was 'Women' but then I realized this and went around to take another picture. Since I had to manually focus and avoid other people running into my picture it took me a bit to take the first and then set up for the 2nd shot by which time he noticed me and complained but then went back to his call and I got my picture. :)