Saturday, 28 May 2011

From the Trossachs to the Highlands

The landscape in Scotland is simply breathtaking, the only problem is with the roads that don't allow stopping in the right places and the speed limit which is way to high to really enjoy the scenery. My suggestion would be to lower the speed limit to 40 mph and allow people to really see the landscape but also to create more opportunities to park the car and take pictures.

I have taken lots of pictures and did not do a very good job at selecting only 5 so instead I just posted a full series on Flickr, so sorry for people with Apple devices which don't support Flash content and won't be able to see anything.
The pictures are taken with the LC1 and the GXR A12 28mm and are all processed RAW files, it is surprising how well the LC1 5MP RAW files hold up against the much bigger 12MP APS sensor in the GXR.


  1. I am one of those poor people who had to visit your flickr stream because of using an ipad, but..

    Lovely pictures and yes that 5mp sensor holds very well, more important it is such a lovely camera to handle. Scotland must be a place to visit in the future, note to ourselves...

  2. Thanks for your comment Ronald and for going to my flickr stream to view the photos!

    I am really impressed with the LC1 and how well it still holds up, it's the same with the GRD I that keeps surprising me every time I use it.

    Scotland is a very nice place and well worth a visit.