Monday, 16 May 2011

Photosynth Panorama

iPhone 4, ISO 80, JPG Photosynth app

This is a quick panorama created using the free Photosynth software for the iPhone, I am actually very impressed of what it can do.
For a free piece of software it is very capable but unfortunately it is severly limited in that it can only stitch a panorama that does not exceed the maximum camera resolution of the iPhone (so for the iPhone 4 it's 5MP best case scenario). This is really a shame since if it could actually take full 5MP resolution images and combine these into a large MP image it would be really amazing. So instead with what you are left are stitched 1-3MP panoramas after you crop the image.

I have edited this picture slightly in RAW Therapee, I usually only edit iPhone pictures on the iPhone using the apps availablethere but here I was too lazy.


  1. I love this app as well! Previously I use 360, but this little app from Microsoft is really ace. The resolution does not bother me too much, if it's just for hobby :)

  2. Thanks for your comment!

    I really like what this app can do and for free it's even more impressive. I had a quick look at 360 and it looks good but I don't really want to pay since I only do panoramas every now and then for fun.