Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Streets of London

The weather has been great and since I had to go to the Mongolian embassy in Kensington, I figured I will take the opportunity to go for a walk around London after and take some pictures.
Well, the walk ended up being from Kensington all the way back to Greenwich via Canary Wharf, so I guess around 10 miles. It was a nice walk though and I took over 300 pictures with the GR, went through 3 batteries and one 4gb SD card.

I took quite a lot of different pictures, from macros, architecture and landscapes/cityscapes but mostly it was street photography and pictures of people out and about enjoying the sun. So here a longer series of my street photographs I took during my walk to also give an indication of how the GR works for something the GR series is mostly associated with.

The GR performed very well in anything I put it through and the only pictures that did not turn out well were due to user error on my part. The GR is a fantastic little camera and one I can fully recommend to anyone looking for a really serious compact or if you just want the best backup camera you can get.
The GXR A12-M will still remain my main camera as nothing can touch some of the lenses I have for it and the character it gives but the GR is great for travelling light and for ultimate IQ it beats the somewhat older 12MP sensor in the GXR.


  1. Nice shots again Cristian. I especially like the shot of the 2 people on the bench really overpowered by the church of whatever behind. Like it.

  2. No Smoking. Like that.

    Wonder if the GR will be on offer come December time. :-)

  3. Thanks for your comment Jason!

    The GR is certainly worth it so hopefully you can get a deal on one.