Saturday, 8 June 2013

Stowe Visit

Hoping for the great weather to continue, I decided to go for a trip to see some National Trust places near Aylesbury.

Took the Epson RD1 along rather than the GXR for a challenge and to give it another outing. For lenses I used the Jupiter-12, Pentax Special 42mm and Heliar 12mm and 15mm.

While it's fun to use and the RD1 has a very film like rendering and unique character, it does not really stand up to the GXR and it feels quite strange to use a rangefinder without being able to accurately compose a picture or see the exposure before taking a picture.


  1. When I see this pictures I don't see any point that hints on an older digital camera. Yes the RD1 is still underrated as the first real measuring viewfinder camera with the possibility to fit leica M lenses. Put the lens on an aperture with enough depth and shoot without even looking trough the finder from the hip. Great street photographic camera. Even today.

  2. Thanks for your comment!

    The RD1 is a great camera and was a milestone when it came out as it proved a digital rangefinder can be done. It still is the closest merge between a film and digital camera as you can use it like a film camera without any of the hassle when developing film or not being able to change ISO.

  3. Great photos, it's a beautiful place - have visited it once :)

  4. Thanks for your comment Buryan!

    It is indeed a very nice place to visit and take pictures.