Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Day in London

Another beautiful day in London and with the benefit of not having to work, it meant I could go around London to take some pictures and see some things I usually don't get round to.

Took the Heliar 12mm and the GR lens with me but the Heliar stayed on all the time, I like the wideangle it offers and shooting at f8.0 meant I only needed to worry about the framing.

This is a series of some pictures I took today from different parts of London, starting near Liverpool Street, passing by the Barbican, Regent Street, the Saatchi gallery, Battersea park, Chelsea Bridge with a view of my favourite building in London and finally a slightly abstract picture of the Southwark Cathedral. I have a lot more pictures and locations but these show best my day and the photography I have been doing.


  1. Very nice, especially the last one :)
    Funny how people get topless in the UK at the slightest hint of sun, whereas here, people hide in the shade or carry parasols!

  2. Hi Cristian
    I really like the view of Southwark Cathedral through the pattern of out-of-focus highlights. It's a unique take on what is probably an over photographed monument.

  3. Hey Cristian,

    I like the one with the man leaning over the balustrade.
    Very simple but effective.

  4. Thanks for your comments!

    I tried to post quite a few different pictures but as you can see, people always feature and are a main part of my photography.

    Martin, this is indeed funny but due to the overall bad weather here and lack of places to go and sit in the sun people do this wherever they find some green patch of grass.

    Björn, this was taken through a broken train window and I liked how the picture looked as it gave a different view to something that I saw every day and never thought interesting enough to photograph.

    Thanks Kesh, I also like this one as it captures the art installation but also has a person in there.