Saturday, 11 October 2014

A Day in Brighton

The day started with great sunshine and it was pleasant so I decided to head to Brighton with Tom.

To give it another good workout, I decided to take the RD1 along with the GR lens and see how it performs.

While it was raining a bit on the way there, once we arrived it was sunny and he light was great for photography. The clouds also gave a nice backdrop and contrast over the sea.

Towards the evening when the sun began to set the nice orange light was great and the RD1 took some great photos. It has certainly a unique image quality and is for me the reason I will keep the camera.

While taking photos, I also happened to meet George, one of the local photographers in Brighton, he was curious about my RD1.
One of the things the RD1 does particularly well is open a conversation with other photographers.
He had an exhibition along the pier so it was a good excuse to walk along the pier and not only take photos but also enjoy his photos.


  1. Hello Cristian. Thanks for going along to have a look at the photos on the Pier, they have just about survived the wind and the rain. I've got another exhibition starting on Monday about the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989,which may interest you ,have a look at www. the Glad you enjoyed your time in Brighton and thanks for the photo.

  2. Hi George! It was great to meet you and I enjoyed looking at your photos on the pier.
    The new exhibition looks very interesting and I enjoyed looking at your website, hopefully I can check it out next time I'm in Brighton.
    Maybe see you next time in Brighton.