Saturday, 25 October 2014

Around Brick Lane

I decided to go to Brick Lane for some photography today. While I don't usually like the area that much and think it's Hipsters Paradise, it's fun to take photos at times.

It made for a nice change to walk around there as I haven't been in quite a while and lucky there were not too many people around.

I debated which camera to take along but ended up with the GRD I and the 40mm adapter, I had the GR with me as backup and 'extra battery' but only used it for a few shots where I wanted color.

It was fun to use the GRD I again and also be in an area where I don't usually venture. The weather was nice and I was quite inspired so I ended up with a lot of photos.
I even met another photographer while shooting around Spitalfields market so it was a nice day out.

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