Saturday, 18 October 2014

RD1 Photo Walk

Saturday is always a good time to meet people and go out to take photos and it was no different today.

I took my RD1 with the Nokton 40mm lens, to use one more time before selling it, and headed to Whitecross Street to grab a coffee and meet with Kesh and Tom.

On our way towards Camera Cafe and while doing a quick stop at Red Dot Camera, we ran into Dan and decided to all set off to Camera Cafe and take some photos along the way.

We all had different cameras but it was good fun to shoot on the street and afterwards look through our photos while enjoying a pint in a pub.

I do like how the RD1 performs and while it's very frustrating to shoot without a live view screen, it was overall fun and I managed to guess reasonably well the framing. With exception of the 2nd photo, all others were shot without using the OVF and by holding the RD1 like a p&s camera (which is best for street photography if you ask me).


  1. That was a fun day of chance meetings. I was glad I had the afternoon/evening open to go with the flow.

  2. Thanks for your comment Dan!

    Was great to run into you and cool that you had enough time to hang out and go to take some photos. Was a fun day and we should do it again.