Friday, 10 October 2014

Farringdon and Richmond

I had to go to an interview in the City so instead of lugging around a heavy camera with me the GRD I was perfect for this task, as would have been the GR.

The GRD I is always best when used for b&w street photography and the small size means you can put it in a suit jacket pocket without anyone noticing it.

It is always nice to shoot around the City and Farringdon and I liked using the GRD I again. Still, when I set out to meet Tom in Richmond in the evening, I took the Epson RD1 with the GR lens along.

The RD1 requires a completely different workflow especially at night when it's almost impossible to see the rangefinder patch. Its still great fun to shoot with it and the images have their own character.

It was a fun day shooting with two old cameras but two cameras that haven't really been replicated in the same way and will always remain unique and special cameras.

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