Tuesday, 21 October 2014

I'm Back

After finishing my 'Round The World' trip and being back in London it was strange, at first it felt like I was still travelling and just at another place on my travels so I kept taking photos and walking around as usual.

Then after a very short time in London I decided to head to Germany and stay there for a few weeks, visit Photokina and try to see where to next.

The past weeks finally have seen me back in London and looking for jobs, going to interviews and selling some of my stuff on ebay to reduce clutter (after living out of a small backpack for a year everything not needed feels like clutter).

After taking hundreds of photos every day and over 60,000 photos during my trip I also took it a bit easier with my photography. That's not to say that I haven't been taking photos but I have taken many with my phone and didn't take a photo every day.

I didn't know how and when I would continue my blog but it always feels like there is something missing when I don't post.

Where and how to continue was a bigger challenge and I went through a few ideas but have now decided to just start with today's photos and back fill the days I have some good photos from the past weeks, including my Photokina posts and some series I have been taking on weekends.

Continuing from he lessons learned during my trip that less is always more and that gear certainly doesn't mater, I will not post the EXIF information to my photos because it really doesn't matter. If there is enough demand I will bring it back but for now I think the photos will mater more than the EXIF information.

There will be more updates coming from now on, both the daily post but also older posts that will appear to fill up the past weeks so I hope you are still following it and enjoy it.

More changes to the format or layout might follow and there will be adds since not enough people donated (but a big thanks to all who did!!) for the blog so ads will at least help me to maintain the blog.


  1. Hi Cristian,
    The top photo looks like a children's rehearsal for a scene out of Star Wars :-)
    I really like the second photo too.
    I think I understand what you mean about the EXIFs. For me, I also find this a bit time consuming...and would rather not do it. Still...for anyone looking at my photos I imagine that the EXIF might be interesting. If not for the shutter/aperture/iso information then at least for the camera and lens used.

  2. Hi Cristian,
    I suspect it's hard to go back to your old "everyday" after such a long and inspiring trip. I imagine I'll face a similar challenge when we return from Malaysia.
    I also love the second photo, whatever settings you took it at :-)
    While I agree that the photos matter more than the exposure information, some of my followers have noted that they like seeing how I shot a particular photo, so I continue to add EXIF info, even if it is a bit tedious.

  3. Thanks for your comments!

    Kesh, the kids were on their way to some Halloween party and were both dressed as wizards or Harry Potter lookalikes although they would fit in Star Wars, too. :)

    Björn, you are right about how difficult it is to go back to everyday stuff after travelling. It was always difficult but now after such a long time away it's even more difficult.
    The 2nd photo is something I knew you would like since it's a bit more abstract and in a way similar to some of your work.

    As for the EXIF, I might put up a voting to see what people think. It takes too much time for me and I think in the end it's not that important but I know it will be useful for some.