Tuesday, 13 October 2015

In Kuala Lumpur

After arriving in Kuala Lumpur last night, I had to go to the Vietnamese embassy in the morning but before that I met up with Björn.

After enjoying a chat and sorting stuff out at the embassy, we've checked out a camera store where I ended up buying a new camera.

Much has been said about what the best camera is and usually people always try to improve the image quality when they buy a new camera. For me it was different this time round.
After being in Asia for 3 months I realised that my needs and requirements on my cameras have changed.

So instead of buying a Sony a7 type camera, I went for an Olympus TG-4 instead. My most used camera ended up being the Ricoh GR thanks t the small size but the only drawback was that I didn't want to risk it out in torrential rain or rick dropping it while on my motorbike.

The TG-4 seemed the ideal camera for this use and after using it for the first half day I have to say it's doing a good job and it's a nice camera without even having to rely on the waterproof and shockprof features.

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