Thursday, 15 October 2015

Real KL People

After spending most of my time in the new and more touristy parts of KL, I've met up with Björn again for a walk around some less touristy areas of KL.

We started off at Pudu and walked over the market there, it's a very nice and vibrant market selling all kinds of things but specialising in seafood.

Given that I was going to do a lot of street photography, I was tempted to take the Ricoh GR along and leave the Olympus TG-4 in the bag for the day.

Still, the best way to learn a new camera is to shoot a lot with it and find out whwre it works and where it struggles.

The Olympus TG-4 did a great job overall and the focus was fast and consistent enough to capture the action.

The people at and around the market were great and it was a pleasure to photograph there. While stopping for a quick coffee after out shooting session, we met some very friendly locals who invited us for some beers and some food next to providing great conversation.

The afternoon was spent walking around one of the kampung's and one worker's camp near the Mount Kiara area and this was again a great experience thanks to the very friendly locals.

This is something really missing in the West, the ability to just wander around and take photos without people being suspicious or annoyed.

It's bee a great day out and a good day for photography, something I didn't get much chance to do enough of recently.

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