Wednesday, 14 October 2015

People in KL

A bank holiday in any big city means that it's quieter and a lot nicer to walk around and that's what I've done.

Armed with my new Olympus TG-4, I wanted to give it a try and figure out how it works and where it struggles.

I found the controls to be pretty easy and the handling quite decent overall. While I considered a GoPro for my use in the rain and on a motorbike, I found the image quality of them to be very por and the handling really bad for anything other than mounting it on a helmet.

The TG-4 at least works well as a camera first and also offers the ruggedness I wanted and managed to put to a bit of use in a rain shower today.

Given, so far all photos I've taken with the TG-4 and all situations I've used it in the GR would have done a much better job and survived the rain, too.

I was tempted to get the wide angle adapter for the TG-4 but it makes the camera too bulky and the lens is actually much wider than 25mm thanks to the distortion but if you use the RAW files you can get more in your frame.

On a side note, I honestly wanted to post a more diverse set of photos and not just street photography to show off the TG-4 but I did end up liking these more.

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