Wednesday, 4 June 2008


GRD II, f2.4, 1/20, ISO 400, RAW

I know, haven't been too inspired lately and my pictures are not my best. Maybe it's the weather or maybe I should take a break from posting one image every day. Then again, I do it for fun and to keep me taking pictures every day so this is ok even if some pictures are far from masterpieces. Did not have much time lately and the weather was not great for taking any interesting pictures. Need to focus more on quality from now on.


  1. I feel a bit the same and it's one o the reason not to be tempted to post or make a picture a day... it should not be a 'must'. However, the quality is independend of the quantity of course. I like this one for sure, although because of the squares I would like to see it from a straight angle?

    keep shooting!

  2. I feel you..Right now I´m struggling to keep up with daily stuff, producing pictures and blogging, plus this overcast grey boring days are not helping. But I think it´s good to keep forcing the process,as frustrating as it can be sometimes, because you tend to rebirth from your ashes in a cyclical way..

    Taking pictures can be very relaxing for me, I forget about the world when I am composing and "designing" a photograph, takes me away from daily troubles and gives me a brake in the speedy pace of nowadays, so if the results aren´t great, let´s just not take it too seriously (fortunately we don´t do this for a living). We can allways take it as a therapy..

    Keep them coming!!


  3. These are the day's of the harsh light or overcast. I am glad I have not tempted myself to post a picture every day (or make a picture). I should be fun.

    Wait for the evening until the sun sets and the clouds (hopefully) break. A wonderful moment to photograph.

  4. You are right Ronald but although it is a must in soem ways I like a challenge so don't mind being "forced" to take a picture.
    I will have to try a different angle and maybe use the 40mm adapter next time.

    Thanks Erik, I feel exactly the same as you. For me it is great to take a picture, takes me out of my daily routine.

    Wouter, I actually really like harsh lights since I can get my high contrast look easier and especially for b&w it works great. Not really your style with the nice tonalities but I like to play with the effects you get.
    Overcast is a bit different and when it's rainy and overcast I am usually not in a very good mood or very inspired. Sometimes though I come across a great shot on these days though and it makes it worthwile to keep shooting and look for shots no matter what.