Sunday, 20 December 2009

5 from the GXR

Ok, I have been a bit harsh on the GXR yesterday but I wanted it to do better and unfortunatelly it just does not look good compered with the GF1. On it's own though it is and excellent camera.
I have used it for the whole day today and the AF while slow is comparable with the GRD II and the GX200. The real issue and something which will always be a dealbreaker for me is the LCD freeze. I hope this can be fixed in firmware, even if the AF gets slower in the process.

The image quality is superb though and almost makes one forget the sluggish AF performance. The built in lens hood is genius as are some other small features in the camera.

After using the GXR more today I can say that it's a camera one wants to use and will enjoy using, at the same time I could not help but wish that it would be more like the GF1 in a few areas.

All pictures are straight JPGs from the GXR.


  1. Yes, shooting more deliberately makes the GXR a more suitable camera.

    And you've been to the NDSM wharf. Really nice and an excellent place for photography.

    I hope you have no problems with the trains on Monday. It seems you had some little sunshine, but we only had snow in the east.

  2. I love the first and last picture. Really great shots no matter which camera you used for it.

  3. You are right Wouter, shooting more deliberate and also more static subjects works very well.
    The NDSM wharf was a good tip by Bjoern and provided some great photo opportunities.
    There were problems with the trains and I only got to Utrecht but my brother could pick me up from there.

    Thanks for your comment Marco!