Sunday, 6 December 2009

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GRD III, f3.2, 1/400, ISO 64, RAW

Went today to see the 'Press Photographer of the Year' exhibition at the Southbank Center. It was very interesting and I noticed one thing while looking at the prints. Nobody cares if a picture has noise or is slightly blurry as long as you capture the right moment and the essential part to tell a story. Sometimes people in foums get too caught up with technicalities of cameras and not enogh with the main 'technicalities' of taking pictures.


  1. Hi Cristian ! , people in forums spend too long time chating and not taking photos , reminds me of f1 forums where everybody is a technical expert but actually nobody drive or will drive one.

    Keep up the good work !

  2. Hi Alex, thanks for your comment!

    I fully agree with you that people in forums tend to talk too much and forget what the main point about photography is. Putting the focus only on IQ is wrong, there are a lot more important aspects to a good picture than just the image quality.

  3. It seems to me as if most forums are the blind leading the blind and have little to do with photography but a lot of 'Noise' about the best equipment.
    Content, content, content.
    A huge technically perfect photo is useless if the subject matter (The content)is rubbish.
    Who really wants to see another lifelike perfect shot of a Rose or study of great Bokeh!!
    My advice to new photographers is stay away from forums and spend your time looking at on line photos and studying the basics of 'ART'. Forget the fancy equipment, it won't take better pictures just because it's the latest model.

  4. Thanks for your comment Rob!
    I think you summed it up perfectly, could not have said it better.
    Photography is all about the subject and not really about the technical quality.