Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Keep Driveway Clear

GX100, f2.5, 1/440, ISO 100, JPG, 24mm

I helped a friend move house so did not have much time for photography today but found this scene very funny.


  1. Hi Cristian ! , I´ve been very busy lately at work and also with the new web , I added your link .

    I still have to update the grd3 with the new software !

    I thought about the 1:1 but finally prefered not to crop the photo ( really don´t like cropping ).

    I love the tree reflection photo ! , will try something similar .

    Keep up the good work !

  2. Hi Cristian,

    You city folks! We have sheep to deal with this kind of thing in Yorkshire...

    Interested in your comments about the GX100/GX200. After daily use for over 2 years my GX100 has dust on the sensor, so I have just bought a GX200 yesterday. The bulk of my pictures with the GX100 were shot as ISO80 so the high ISO noise is not an issue for me. So far I am very impressed with the improved UI on the GX200. If Ricoh can do it at reasonable cost I will get the GX100 repaired.


  3. Hi Alex!

    Thanks for your comment. Like you, I have been quite busy lately and could not always post on other blogs or even reply to posts on my blog in time.
    Keep up the great work you do with the GRD III.

    Hi Peter,

    I will have to recommend my friend to hire some sheep from Yorkshire to help him with this :).

    If you never go over ISO 400 and don't mind the screen freeze when focusing the GX200 is an excellent camera and the interface improvements are definitely worth it.
    The GX100 however has better JPGs and a different character to the images even when shooting RAW. It's like the GRD I and II, some like he character of the older cameras better.

    You can read my GX200 review on my Wordpress blog to see the differences in IQ between the two GX cameras.