Monday, 28 December 2009

Steam Outlet

GXR, f18, 1/3200, ISO 200, RAW, 50mm

On my way back to London I had one hour in Amsterdam to spare and decided to go for a walk and take some more pictures. It was a beautiful day, warm and with a clear blue sky. I went to the Nemo museum and took some pictures around there, this I like best but decided to give it a golden tone by using the Shade WB.
Unfortunately the APS sensor in the GXR 50mm module means it has a native format of 2:3, since I dislike the 2:3 format since it's neither wide enough nor high enough and when you crop it you lose more information. I still decided to crop this picture to the 1:1 format but wish Ricoh would use 4:3 sensors or APS sensors would start using the more usefull 4:3 format or maybe have a multi aspect ratio sensor in the next GXR module.

Since I travel quite a lot, I thought I have to also mention one of the best airport experiences so far.
A while ago I complained about Heathrow airport being pretty horrible to fly from because of the terminal building but also because of the really long security checks. Well, Schipol Airport is the opposite and one of the best airports I have used so far. The reason is simple, after passport control you don't have to go through any horrible and very long 'security' check procedure. No, instead you are straight in the airport and can go about your business, then only at the actual gate will you go through the security check. This is fantastic and not only saves time and hassle but makes the whole experience so much nicer. I never had such a relaxed flight, although arriving at City airport in London also played a part in this.
From now on I will try to fly from City to Schipol more often. These two airports are so much more pleasant to fly from that it is worth paying a bit extra if necessary.


  1. Haha , but not for much longer. The reason maybe for the departure point of the Nigerian bomber.

  2. I hope this incident won't change the way they do things at Schipol Airport. I rather take the risk of having a terrorist on board than to have to always put up with hassle when flying.