Sunday, 28 April 2013

Louwman Visit

If you're in Den Haag and have at least a slight interest in cars, you should visit the Louwman Museum. Even if you don't have interest in cars but just want to have a coffee in a cool setting you should still go for a visit. I don't normally like going to museums when the weather is nice as it feels like I am missing out by being inside but the visit to the Louwman was worth it.

I decided to post a series of pictures from it, trying to be as varied as possible when taking into account that I was taking pictures of cars in a museum. The pictures are taken both with the Gr and the Heliar 15mm lens, which performed extremely well despite the low light in the halls but the wide angle and extra DOF sure came in handy. All pictures processed on the Nexus 7 using Photo Mate, a RAW developer which quickly manages to surpass even RAW Therapee for quality but also ease of use.


  1. Nice photo's. I am going next week because the Ferraris are gone in about 2 weeks.

  2. Thanks for your comment!

    Have fun at the museum, I really enjoyed it.

  3. I have just one thing to say... that ultra futuristic beauty is the 'Bertone Carabo'... and that was my favourite car when I was about ten years old! I am really quite jealous. :)

  4. Thanks for your comment Bill!

    It is a lovely car and very futuristic looking, I wanted to post a picture of the whole car but found that just the detail shows enough of it's form.