Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Dusk over St. Paul's

GXR A12-M, f5.6, 1/60, ISO 456, RAW, 42mm (Ricoh GR f2.8 28mm L)

Took this on my way home after a long day in the office, I liked the colour in the sky and the way the clouds looked like.

Today, after what can be described as the most leaked product launch ever for Ricoh, they have officially announced the new Ricoh GR.

The Ricoh GR is in some ways the most exciting digital GR camera since the GRD, it not only packs a 16MP APS sensor in the same body but it actually manages to offer even more direct controls than the previous GR and GRD cameras.

I was a bit sceptical after the first leaks and wondered if the GR is really enough since Rioch already released the very good but overlooked GXR A12 28mm f2.5 module with GR lens and Nikon beat Ricoh to the punch in releasing the Coolpix A, which on paper sounds identical to the GR. Sure, the GR is smaller than either of those and has the fantastic Ricoh controls but is this enough to get the attention it deserves?
While I did not have a chance to try or handle one, the first previews and impressions are very good and it looks like Ricoh has really delivered. They were maybe a bit later than they should have been but sometimes it's better to be a bit late to the party than to stay home.

The more I read about the GR and the more I think about it, the more do I want to try one and put it through it's paces.
I have not had much time recently so all my planned reviews and articles have been put on hold but should I get my hands on the GR, you will get a full comparison between the GR1, GRD I-IV, GXR A12 28mm, GXR A12-M with Ricoh GR 28mm lens and the GR. This should answer my question about which one is the ultimate GR camera.


  1. Cristian,

    I really like this photo and the colors are outstanding. Did you pp at all or straight out of the camera? Also do you typically use the lcd to compose or do you use an ovf or evf on your cameras as the new GR does not have a built in vf.

    Bruce Bodine

  2. Thanks for your comment Bruce!

    I have done a bit of PP in RAW Therapee and played around with the WB, contrast and curves. Nothing drastic and just setting the custom WB resulted in more or less this version anyway.

    I always prefer to use the LCD screen and am not a fan of OVFs or EVFs, in my view why use a tiny hole or screen if you have a nice large screen you can use providing all the information you need. Although I have OVFs for the GRD and the EVF for the GXR I never use them even if I attach the OVF to the GRD it's more for the looks than me actually looking through it to compose my shot.

    What I would use and like the GR to have is a flip screen like the NEX cameras as this is very useful and helps a lot to frame shots from the hip.

  3. Couldn't agree with you more on the use of OVFs, Christi. I bought one when I bought my GRD III. It is always attached to the camera but I think I may have taken three shots using it. Like you, I find it easier to compose using the LCD and having all the info in front of me. And I was just thinking exactly the same as you regarding a flip screen, which would have made the Ricoh GR the perfect camera for candid street photos.

    I can't wait for you to put the Ricoh GR through its paces.

  4. Thanks for your comment Calvin!

    I think it depends on when people got into photography if they need an OVF or not, I started with digital and learned to rely and use LCDs even in bright light to at least see enough to frame the shot.

    As soon as I can get my hands on a sample I will post my impressions here.

  5. will wait your review until I buy this new GR (or not depending of your review)

  6. Thanks for your comment!

    I will post my impressions and then a full review as soon as I get the chance to try one.