Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Bangkok to Koh Samed

This post could also be called, "The Most Boring Roads in Asia" or "F**K the F***ing Traffic Lights" but I decided for a more neutral title.

After picking up the motorbikes at the train station, the plan was simple, to head out of Bangkok and to Koh Samet, about 250km away.

Unfortunately you don't just head out of Bangkok, it takes hours of sitting mostly idles in the baking heat, waiting for the traffic lights to count down from 400 seconds so you can continue on to the next traffic light while navigating the cars in your way and wait again anther 350 seconds.

Once you do get out of Bangkok and are happy to have made it out without dying in the heat, you are greeted with the world's most boring route, driving mostly straight next to an elevated highway, seeing mostly concrete and some petrol stations along the way.

If after seeing this for hours you are still driving, you get rewarded with some nice views from Ban Phe to the Koh Samed island and over the sea. A short ferry ride later, you and your motorbikes are on the island and you can start to forget the road that lead you here and enjoy the island (and speed bumps every 10m).

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