Thursday, 20 April 2017

Chiang Rai to Doi Angkhang

Another day of following the walking directions, this time we started to drive along the river Kok and wanted to make it all the way to Pai.

The first part of the road was nice and scenic but after passing by an Elephant riding attraction, the road starts to get worse and worse.

It remains very scenic but the paved road turns into dirt roads and the potholes become bigger. Tom got stuck twice and had to be rescued and we had to cross two smaller streams.

It was a challenging road, reminding me of some roads I've been on in Vietnam and Thailand before so I had a lot of fun but missed my Wave on some sections where the Click doesn't work as well.

Still, the Click did a great job and we made it through without anyone falling off or other incidents. It took just quite a bit longer as expected so we had to revise out destination from Pai to Doi Angkhang.

After making it back on a paved road it was quick to get to Thaton. I've been here 3 yeas ago and it's a great place for a quick stopover to visit Wat Thaton Chedi and enjoy some spectacular views from there.

After leaving Fang, we found out another problem with the walking directions, they lead us too close to the border and although a road exists we were not allowed to take it.
It's a road for Thai people only since it crosses briefly into Myanmar so we had to take a bigger detour to get to Doi Angkhang.

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