Sunday, 16 April 2017

Kanchanaburi to Uthai Thani

After a slower start in the morning and a must do visit to the Bridge on the River Kwai, we set off to get to Tak or maybe even Mae Sot.

As you can judge from the title of this post we didn't quite make it there but Uthai Thani proved to be a great place to stop over.

The roads were definitely better, less highway and more country roads with actual things to see and Thai people to meet during coffee breaks.

Ultimately the late start and slower drive on the country roads meant we had to change plans and stay in Uthai Thani. This was not really a problem as the drive was fun and Uthai Thani is a pretty cool place.

It has a lot of Chinese influences there, is quiet and laid back, people are friendly and it has some pretty cool roundabouts to discover.

So far Uthai Thani proved to be my favorite place in Thailand during this trip and I could have even stayed longer here.

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