Friday, 14 April 2017

Songkran in Bangkok

After another really boring drive up to Bangkok, I ended up staying at a hotel right in the middle of the Songkran festival area.

At first this didn't promises to be much fun due to the many people around which made it impossible to take the motorbike out.

Still, if Ban Phe was great fun for Songkran, Bangkok was a few levels higher.

After having some lunch and managing to get to the hotel halfway dry, it all started to get really, really wet.

It wasn't just kids but also adults acting like kids and having water fights on the streets. Everyone had fun and was in a good mood.

It was like being a kid again and just enjoying yourself at a big street party.

This lasted till about 22:00 when the police decided to break it off and make sure people went home.

Still, it was great fun and I enjoyed not only the atmosphere but also acting like a kid and having water fights with strangers.

Having the Olympus TG-4 around allowed me to capture the action without having to worry about the camera.

I wasn't sure what to expect from Songkran in Bangkok and thought it might be best to avoid it, it ended up being great fun and I can recommend it.

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