Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Phitsanulok to Nan

After following driving directions on which roads to take up to now, we decided to just start and follow waking directions today.

This was in the hope of getting a more scenic route and stop getting re-routed to the highway most of the times. And it worked great, giving us the best drive and scenery during this trip.

We drove through rice fields, small roads, a national park, had to cross a lake by ferry and got to see an amazing sunset from the top of the mountains.

The photos speak for themselves but this route is definitely great and at the end of the day we were thinking of going back and doing it again tomorrow.

But not only the landscape and views were great, also the people we met along the way were nice and friendly and it reminded us more of Laos or Vietnam than Thailand.

So in short, if you have time and don't mind driving on some small dirt roads across rice fields, definitely use the walking directions on maps as it will be a more scenic route and definitely more fun.

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