Monday, 24 August 2009

Bird on a Rope

GRD III, f4.5, 1/190, ISO 64, RAW

Did not have much time for photography today. Took some pictures on my way home and really liked this one.
I will not write much today, if you want to read more head over to AlphaMountWorld and read Carl's excellent Ricoh GRD III review.


  1. Nice shot, Cristian. We see coots a lot from our boat- it must have been tricky to get such a clean composition with a 28mm...

  2. Thanks John!
    It was indeed not easy but lucky for me the bird was not too far out and using the 2:3 mode got me the composition I was after. The most difficult part was to avoid any reflections of the nearby buildings.

  3. Review is quite positive. I guess this falls in with your findings.

  4. Robert, you are right. Carl's review does fall in line with most of my findings.