Thursday, 20 August 2009

Welcome to the Matrix

While on my way to meet friends for drinks I saw the Canary Wharf security running towards the main square. Since I was heading in the same direction I decided to have a look what all the fuss was about.
There were two people with megaphones and another three people with signs. At first I thought they were demonstrating against something but they basicaly had a laugh and made jokes about where our society is these days and the security in general. It was very entertaining and a really funny scene so I decided to stay around and started taking pictures.

While taking pictures around I got told off a few times by the security guys and been told that I should be lucky we are in Britain to be able to take pictures of them. He was right, only in Britain do you get hassled that much for taking pictures so I consider myself very lucky.

All pictures are right out of the camera and some are only cropped to 3:2 format. The GRD III performed very well and the new snap focus mode was really helpful since the normal AF is not overly fast or reliable enough for these kind of shots. For this the phase detection AF from the GRD I is much better or at least the faster AF from the CX1.


  1. Some people put on a Security Guard uniform and immediately become Rambo Cop.
    Sixty years ago they would have been proud to wear SS uniform

  2. Hey Cristian, really like your pics. The protest looks a little surreal!

    I live in CW, work in Bloomsbury and have just started taking 'daily photos' with my new GRD II. Your site is an inspiration!

  3. I am now convinced: GRD3 is a winner.
    Ricoh will have my money. Thanks for these images. I would also recommend people to visit here,
    for more good pictures. Frankly at base ISO none of these images look like from a small sensor camera.

  4. Great series Cristi. That swarm of security you shot really demonstrated the "Matrix" theme :)

  5. Yesbuts, some people really go all power crazy once they put on a uniform.

    Robert, the IQ of the GRD III is indeed very good and even better if you develop th RAW files with RAW Therapee.

    John, thank you very much for your comment. I am very glad you find my site an inspiration and have also started to take daily pictures. The GRDs are great cameras to take pictures every day due to the size and handling it is easy to have them along and a pleasure to use. I will make sure I check your website with your pictures.
    Maybe we can arrange a meetup at some point since we are both around the same areas.

    Thanks for your comment! I have posted in the forum and will keep an eye on this thread as it is very interesting.

    Thanks for your comment James! The whole security situation was crazy, at least 10 security people from Canary Wharf, one even with a paddle standing around 4 people who are just having fun. Could not believe it, 'Security Gone Crazy' might have also been a fitting title.

  6. @Cristi

    Thanks, am really enjoying the GRII, especially now I have a bit of an idea on how to make RAW pics appear 'film-like'. Most of my previous 'serious' cameras have been Nikons- it is incredible to have something so small and responsive.

    An east/west meetup sometime would be good- I will keep an eye on the dpreview forum.

  7. John, I will try to see when is best to organize another unofficial Ricoh meetup and will post in the DP review forum.