Saturday, 22 August 2009

Royal Gunpowder Mills

The LPMG has organised another day out today. This time it was a trip to the Royal Gunpowder Mills where they also had a Jouting tournament.
It was a great day out, the weather was really nice without being too hot and there were some clouds in the sky which made the ligt much nicer for taing pictures.
I decided to take the GRD III and Panasonic LC1 with me. The GRD III with the 21mm lens and the LC1 to complement it with the extra zoom. Both camareas peformed very well and the GRD III got used a lot for the excellent macro capability where the zoom of the LC1 came in handy a few times.
I decided to post a series instead of only one picture which should serve as kind of a 2nd sample gallery for the GRD III. You can find more pictures from the GRD III and LC1 in the Dropbox gallery.
All GRD III pictures are RAW files and the LC1 are JPG but I processed almost all of them.


  1. Nice series Cristi and your photographs with the GRD3 makes me want to try that camera too. I guess the wait is nearly over (or at least I hope).

  2. Thanks Wouter! I hope you can try a GRD III, think you will like the camera and it will suit your style.

  3. I can't tell LC1 from GRD III as all these pictures are excellent because of the photographer. The B&W of the senior citizens is just classic. I want to get the camera and I'm trying to hold on a little while longer. I love my Leica but it is no where as easy to hold as the GRD. It is a great street camera. :)

  4. Thanks for your comment James!
    Both cameras performed very well and have a similar look to the images so it is not easy to tell them apart in the Dropbox gallery.
    If you get a chance you should try the GRD III, for your street work it will be very good.