Thursday, 6 August 2009

Waiting Room

Took this while waiting for the bus after work.
There has been an interesting rumor about the next Ricoh camera here. While it is fake, it is interesting and shows what people expect from the next Ricoh camera. There have been a few rumors about the new camera and I guess we might see more in the upcoming months until Ricoh will announce it officially.
More concrete is the new Panasonic GF-1 which will compete with the Olympus E-P1. I find it very interesting and more appealing than the E-P1, the Panasonic lenses should also deliver much better quality than the rather poor Olympus offerings. It is a shame though that Panasonic has decided to make the GF-1 look like the LX3 instead of the excellent LC-1.


  1. It looks like the GF1 is beating all the main flaws of the E-P1.

  2. I'm puzzled by Olympus, it has been in the camera business long enough to have acquired the skills to produce decent lenses. But why does it fail to take corrective measures?

  3. Robert, the GF-1 sure looks like it could become the best m4/3 camera. I just hope Panasonic, Olympus or Leica will finally release some decent lenses for m4/3.

    Yesbuts, I don't understand either what Olympus was thinking with their m4/3 lenses and why the selection is so limited at the moment. If the m4/3 system fails it is due to the complete lack of decent lenses made for it.

  4. This shot is cool. I must admit, the GF-1 would be more my style then the E-P1 ;-)

    I still hope that Nikon wakes up.

  5. Thanks Marco!

    I agree that the GF-1 looks more promissing at the moment but I have my hopes on Ricoh to deliver what we're looking for.