Sunday, 30 August 2009

Late Night Snack

GRD III, f5.6, 1/50, ISO 1600, RAW

The weather has not been that great and I have not been very inspired. I just went for a walk in the evening to check out the fun fair nearby.
I set the GRD III to ISO 1600, Snap AF at 5m and S-mode to keep a shuter speed of 1/50. I walked around and took a few picture but ended up deleting most of them, this is the one I like best because of the colors.

There were questions by some if the GRD III has problems with banding and after doing some more tests I can confirm that it has and almost all pictures I took today at ISO 1600 show this problem. I hope this is something Ricoh can fix in firmware.


  1. Its great to have a P&S capable of producing good IQ for shots taken on evening walks.

  2. I´ve seen the same problem , but to be honest I´m not using 1600 at all.
    I think you can perfectly shoot this scene at f1.9 1/80 or 1/90 and just iso 400 , there is a lot of available light.

    For exemple I shot this one :

    at f 1.9 1/60 iso 400 and there is less light.

    Maybe you just wanted to try the iso 1600 ... in that case I just shut up !

    By the way I really like the photo.

  3. Thanks for your comments!

    Yesbuts, I agree that having a compact camera capable of producing good results in every situation is great.

    Alex, I understand what you mean and in this instance ISO 1600 was not necessary but I wanted to try it out and used it specifically to test the banding issue. It is still something that Ricoh needs to fix since sometimes it is necessary to use ISO 1600.