Monday, 26 August 2013

Day 20 - The Palace and the Lakes

After having a late start to the day because of trying to solve and solving the access to Blogger, thanks Tom for your help, I decided to head to the Summer Palace first for a few hours.

The Summer Palace is a bit out of the centre but very nice and a great way to spend the day, there is quite a lot to see and take pictures. The crowds were out thanks to the great weather but due to the size of it, you can always find a quiet spot if you wish.

I enjoyed walking around there so much that I forgot the time and before I knew it some of the things I wanted to see were closed already so I decided to head back to the hotel and lave some stuff there before heading out to Hou Hai.

Hou Hai is probably one of the nicer areas to go out in the evening, although it's quite commercial it is nicer than Sanlitun. It did change quite a bit from 2006, gone are the small and run down bars, all replaced by bigger and more modern bars with life music in all of them.

A bit higher up away from the bars and crowds the area is quite calm and peaceful with people fishing and sitting by the lakes enjoying the warm evening.
Here as in most other parks and squares in Bejing you will find people dancing or singing

The advantage of going out here with all the bars is the competition so always haggle for the best beer prices or go to the place with the best music.
Despite coming here to have a beer, I ended up walking around and taking pictures until I was too tired to have a beer so just walked back to the hotel and took more pictures on the way.

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