Saturday, 31 August 2013

Day 25 - The Temple of Heaven

Sometimes you need to be flexible if you don't book ahead and plan to buy the train ticket on the day. Since the overnight trains to Xi'an were all fully booked, I decided to just take the fast train there.
This meant a bit less time in Beijing to see the Temple of Heaven and I had to skip the Temple of Earth visit.

Still, the Temple of Heaven visit was a must for me and it was very nice to see it again with a great blue sky.
The park around the temple is also quite big and well visited by people so it's worth wandering if you have the time to see people playing various Chinese instruments, dancing, and singing.

The roof of the temple is all purple and looks great in sunshine, the round shape (to signify heaven) also makes it quite special to see.

I had to rush through a bit but managed to enjoy the temple and even a stroll around the park to get some shade and do some people watching.

There were quite a lot of visitors around so getting a great shot of the temple was not always possible, unless you also wanted to include them in your picture. While I usually like people in my pictures, I wanted to get some pictures of the temple and had to be a bit more creative with the angles and locations from where to take the pictures.

After picking up my bag at the hotel and getting to Beijing West station, i boarded the 'bullet' train for Xi'an North.

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