Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Day 21 - 798 and 751 D

While looking at Tripadvisor and briefly at the guidebook my travel companion from Ulaanbataar had, I read about the new arty and in 798 street/district in Beijing.

It is quite a bit out of the way so I was not sure it would be worth going all the way there to see some studios and graffiti on the walls. Well, I am glad I did not listen to myself and made the trip there.

The area itself is pretty cool, an old industrial area where the factories have now been converted into studios, caffes and bars or just made into a park or art installation.

As you might have noticed, I like art and love industrial buildings and installations. In the end what was supposed to be a quick checking out of the area turned into a whole day affair with me walking around 798 but also 751 D Park, which is even cooler and in parts reminded me of the High-Line in New York and the NDSM Wharf in Amsterdam.

There were lots of people wandering about, enjoying the free art exhibitions and having coffee. This is also a favourite spot for photographers wanting to shoot models in a more industrial or urban setting.

While it was a mostly grey day, it did not deter me from taking lots of pictures an enjoying myself greatly walking around the industrial area and old factories.

After most galleries started to close and people started going home, I figured it was time to head back, too. On my way I got caught up by a rain shower and got completely drenched, it was so bad that I actually put my cameras away, although I usually tend to use them in rain without worrying about them getting wet.

If you are in Beijing and need a break from the main tourist sights or are like me, someone who likes art and industrial buildings, you have to see 798 and the 751 D Park.

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