Sunday, 11 August 2013

Day 5 - Morning in Helsinki, Evening in St. Petersburg

After getting a few hours of sleep, I decided to go on deck and take some pictures until the ferry arrived in Helsinki. It was again a nice, sunny morning and a calm sea. It provided a nice scene for photography.

Arrving in Helsinki, I went for a walk to take in as many sights as possible before my train to St. Petersburg would depart at 15:00. Before taking in the sights, I stopped off at Cafe Engel to get brunch and am very happy I did.
I can only recommend you go there when in Helsinki and order a 'Bacon and Eggs' breakfast, you'll get lots of bacon, scrambled eggs, fruit, orange juice and coffee. It is in front of the Helsinki Cathedral so you are bound to be in the area.

Wandering around Helsinki was very nice and relaxing and I happened upon the rail station quicker than I thought so decided to take some pictures there. Since I felt like I have been neglecting the GXR and to get different types of photos, I decided to use the GXR with Jupiter-8 lens. After using the GR so much, it felt strange not having AF anymore and using a less than perfect lens but it did give me some nice people shots.

The Allegro train to St. Petersburg is very modern and comfortable with free wifi, enough leg room, plugs to charge devices and it's clean. It's the nicest train I took so far and think it will remain for a while, at least till I get to China.

Arriving in St. Petersburg it was a bit overcast and grey so it did not look very welcoming, especially with the Soviet grey architecture around Finlyandskiy station.
I took my camera out anyway and set out for my almost 4km walk to the hotel. After taking a few photos with the GR, I decided it is more fitting to take the  GXR A12-M with the Jupiter-8 lens.

After checking into the hotel, I went out for a stroll along Nevsky Prospect and to get in some of the sights nearby. At first it was not overly impressive but this quickly changed once the lights were turned on.

Tomorrow, I will have more time to explore the city before taking the night train from St. Petersburg to Moscow.


  1. Such great photos Cristian! I'm really enjoying following you on your travels. Very inspirational, Thank You.

    All the best,


  2. St Petersburg does seem to come alive when night falls -- some lovely shots, Cristi.

    I am to be forgiven for thinking that you are attempting to get round the world in 80 days? You seem to be working to a tight schedule.

    Keep safe and keep posting. I feel as though I am right there with you.

  3. The lady with the two umbrellas I like it also the the third last picture of the trolley coming towards you.

  4. I like the man in the blue hoodie looking out over the sea, on the ferry.
    I also like the lady with 2 umbrellas and the girl looking like she's trying to open that huge door. :-)

    Yes, so far your schedule does seem a little tight. Do you have longer stays planned? I haven't checked out your itinerary yet!

  5. Thanks for your comments!

    Glad this is inspirational and you enjoy the photos James!

    Thanks Calvin, St. Petersburg really does come alive at night.

    Kesh, the schedule was a bit tight but was all in preparation of having to so
    spend 3 days in the train. This and all the cities so far were expensive to stay.