Saturday, 10 August 2013

Day 4 - Stockholm and the Viking Ferry to Helsinki

After a fairly decent night in my windowless dungeon room, I set out to explore Stockholm some more before having to head to the ferry to Helsinki at 16:30.

The day started a bit cloudy but as soon as I walked outside the sun came out and it turned into a beautiful day, it was quite warm at 24°C and sunny throughout. There were a few clouds but these added to the photos so I was glad it was not just a cloudless sky.

People seemed to get out a bit later on a Saturday since it was not very crowded in the morning but the crowds came around noon to the old town and all other touristy sites.

Walking around without any specific destination has it's advantages as I stumbled over a market and another photographer using a GR so I had to give him a "nice camera" comment. :)

After stopping off briefly at Foografiska and a painless check-in process I found myself way down below deck in another windowless room that was my cabin for the night. At least I managed to get one I did not have to share so had access to both plug sockets to charge my stuff.

While trying to book the ferry, I wondered why it always seemed to fill up quite quick and as soon as I saw the prices on board I understood why. If I would live in Stockholm, I would probably travel with the ferry back and forth at leas once a week since everything on board is priced way cheaper of what you pay in Stockholm.

I went outside on deck and enjoyed the sunshine and great evening light to take quite a lot of pictures of the impressive landscape and of the people on board. All of this meant I was quite inspired so had to edit my pictures quite a bit down for this post but this is a good sign so hope it will continue.


  1. Nice pics Cristian. At the same time I was in Oslo and Bergen.

  2. Great series of photographs. I love the people in them going about their business! Very well observed. I really love the picture of a man with a hat shot through some hats...a rubbish description from me, but a great photo from you! Well done.

  3. Thanks for your comments!

    Tony, the picture with the hat seller through hats is also one of my favourites. I also liked that the woman he's talking to has also a hat on but different from his or the ones he's selling.