Thursday, 8 August 2013

Day 2 - Essen and train to Copenhagen

Since my train to Copenhagen only leaves at 21:25 from Cologne, I had time to see friends in Essen. We walked around the city centre and drove to the Zollverein later to take pictures.

After spending the day in Essen picking my bag up, I found myself back at Cologne station waiting for the night train to Copenhagen.

Having never taken night trains in Europe before, I did wonder how the journey would shape up to be. Having only booked a seat only, I hoped it would at least be halfway comfortable. It turned out to be quite uncomfortable after all but the journey was pretty enjoyable thanks to my fellow travellers.

The biggest issue for me turned out to be a complete lack of plugs in this train. This put me in a predicament as I was not organised enough to charge my Fonepad before so will have to do without it for now and hope I get a charger in the next train.

All going well, I will have 2 hours to spend in Copenhagen tomorrow morning before heading onwards to Stockholm.


  1. Love the rhythm, speed and even grittiness in the last shot. Safe travels!

  2. I agree with Björn.
    I also feel like I'm on the journey with you. It's pretty exciting :-)

  3. Yes, the last shot is a winner. Looking forward to seeing Stockholm through your lens.

  4. I like the picture 5 the best. The wind whipping through the little girls hair.

    Don't get too burned out!