Sunday, 19 July 2009

Ricoh CX1 - Multi Target AF

Other than the DR mode, the CX1 has a few other unique and interesting features. In this last part I will look closer at the 'Multi Target AF'.

The 'Multi Target AF' mode is very interesting and makes use of the CMOS sensor's ability to focus very fast and uses the high continuous shooting capabilities to take 7 pictures with different AF points. This might not sound all that exciting at first but comes in very handy if you want to use the macro mode and are not sure what focus point would work best or to combine a series of pictures in one single image with a high depth of field or simply if the subject is slightly moving (a flower is moved by the wind for example). So this mode is most usefull in macro mode but even outside this is can come in very handy if you want to try different focus points.

I found this feature very handy and given how good Ricoh cameras are at shooting macros, this is a feature which will make the macro mode even more useful. This shows the difference between Ricoh and other manufacturers, they take the advantages of the sensor to create a feature which is a great help for photographers and not just a gimick to advertise with.

You can download the fullsize picture in the Gallery here.

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