Thursday, 16 July 2009

iPhone Diary - Day 4

Before going out in the evening I already had my picture for the day but then it started raining and I took this picture. I really like it and after processing it slightly to make it look older it looks very good. This to me proves that having a camera with you at all times is the most important thing, no matter what the quality of the camera is.


  1. As Chase Jarvis said: "The best camera is the one that’s with you!"

  2. I agree about carrying a camera with you always - but its not much point if the quality of the images produced aren't very good. Waiting to see your final views of the i-phone (camera function) how does results compare with those from a small P&S.

  3. He was right Wouter, although I would have had my GRD with me if it weren't for the iPhone week. I never leave house without the GRD.

    Yesbuts, having a camera which is easy to carry and gives very good image quality is important and Ricoh has addressed this with their line of cameras.
    So far the iPhone fares poorly as a camera, the handling is horrible, the AF is extremely slow, there is a shutter lag and you never know what it will do. At the same time it is fun and nice to have a change. For more than emergency use or plain fun it's not really good. Any compact p&s will blow it away when it comes to handling and quality.
    I am not so much interested about the technical quality of the images but more if the pictures can stand between all my other pictures on my blog.